Sep 2, 2010

baby steps...

Exams - hate hate hate exams. But its over for now. Untill January I just have my thesis to worry about :-)

My knee is better. Not 100% - but I have been at the gym taking Zumba classes and running a little bit. So I have been getting my exercise. What I've not been doing is eating healthy.
Way too much McDonalds, chips, candy and pizza. Now this is what I used to eat every day, so I guess just 4 times a week is a big improvement, esp. with exams-stress, but its hard to see the teeny-tiny-baby steps as something positive, when feel like I ought to just cut out all the junk from my diet completely. Normally exercising makes me feel so good that I don't binge or emotionally eat, but during exams the stress is intense and I have too much time at home alone - and thats when I eat.....alone......hiding it.....escaping the world.
Ugh! I need better ways to nurture myself!

However I have lost a bit of weight and I do feel like my body is becoming more fit (YAY!). I can feel Im on my way in the right direction, if I just continue, perservere, press on with patience and fortitude.