Aug 13, 2011

I completed my Triathlon

YAY! In rainy and cold, windy weather I completed my first ever triathlon. It was the sprint distance 400m,18k,4k (1/10th. of the ironman) and I finished in just over 2 hours - which leaves plenty of room for improvement ;-)

Next goal is to do a 5k run.

Jul 27, 2011

Exercise every day for a week

Im not blogging much, but Im using my 101-list quite a bit. One of the things on it, is to exercise every day for a week, and I'll be starting today! I have a triathlon coming up in August, so I'll mostly be training for that.

Wendesday: Run  :-)
Thursday: Swim in pool
Friday: Run
Saturday: Bike-ride
Sunday: Run
Monday: Open water swimming
Tuesday: Run

And now that Im here...I might as well share a bit. Im doing good. Not GREAT, but good - and certainly much better that last year when I started this blog. I've lost 16 lbs and have become much better at focusing on all the good things I can eat and getting some exercise.

Sep 2, 2010

baby steps...

Exams - hate hate hate exams. But its over for now. Untill January I just have my thesis to worry about :-)

My knee is better. Not 100% - but I have been at the gym taking Zumba classes and running a little bit. So I have been getting my exercise. What I've not been doing is eating healthy.
Way too much McDonalds, chips, candy and pizza. Now this is what I used to eat every day, so I guess just 4 times a week is a big improvement, esp. with exams-stress, but its hard to see the teeny-tiny-baby steps as something positive, when feel like I ought to just cut out all the junk from my diet completely. Normally exercising makes me feel so good that I don't binge or emotionally eat, but during exams the stress is intense and I have too much time at home alone - and thats when I eat.....alone......hiding it.....escaping the world.
Ugh! I need better ways to nurture myself!

However I have lost a bit of weight and I do feel like my body is becoming more fit (YAY!). I can feel Im on my way in the right direction, if I just continue, perservere, press on with patience and fortitude.

Aug 17, 2010

Daniel Henney answers fans (June 3, 2010)

Just to keep my mood up :-)

Bump in the road

Partying + Bon Jovi = Air Guitar

While fun, unfortunately this particular air-guitar was a bit wild and resulted in a busted knee. Ouch!
It will be a while before I can run again.

Or even walk without pain.

I will try to see this as just a speed bump, but right now it feels more like Im off the road and in the ditch. As I lie on the couch feeling sorry for myself, its very hard not to give in to the cravings.

But that is NOT what I want!!!
The good thing is: this shall pass. My knee will be perfectly fine with a little time and  untill it is, there is other forms of excercise I can do. Like strengthening work and riding my bike.
To try to keep my focus on positive things I've started a list of "100 things I want to do". I've seen lists like this on other blogs and always read them with great interrest.  Reading other health blogs is a great inspiration to me. To see others struggle and overcome their bumps in the road. To follow their dreams becoming reality. It is just amazing.

Aug 12, 2010

note to self...

I love running in the rain!! I need to remember this, because its soooo hard to get up, tie those shoes and get out the door. Especially when there is such a great excuse as rain hanging as a low fruit ripe for picking. But when I do get out the door...running...I LOVE it.
I don't run fast nor far, but I like to jump in all the puddles om my way....

new shoes before running
After the fact


...a little about me. Im getting around to posting a picture, so the gruesome "before" is on its way....
Im thinking I would like to get fit and healthy (and HOT!!) by excercising and eating healty.....big surprise there eh?!!! Dieting dosent really seem to do the trick as I've been trying for some years now, but think Im now mentally more ready and I think having a clear goal visualized (hello Henney!) will motivate me.

My obstacles: Im lazy, I love crap-food, I love all food, I have baaad cravings, have lack of impulse-control, I like to sleep and daydream too many hours and Im spending way too much time on my computer intstead of in the gym.

Lots of other stuff may surface here, like blabberings about my upcoming wedding, fertillitytreatments, TV-series, music, books, modern art, food, travels and dogs.


Daniel Henney
My first blog - yay! Lots of new things to learn and discover. Wonder if anyone will find this little corner and follow my journey to become hot enough for the gorgeous Daniel Henney.