101 in 1001

Startet on Augst 19, 2010 so 1001 days will be on May 16, 2013

I don’t think I will finish this list in 1001 days – to much expensive travelling on the list for that - so some of the goals are things I would like to do “someday”.
Some things I've done in the past and loved it, but it will require some effort to do again so I've included them.
1: Take a dance class with Hubby

2: Go on an overnight hiking trip

3: Sleep under the stars

4: Stand on the orange stage at Roskilde festival

5: Go skiing

6: Live in another country

7: Meet an internet friend IRL

8: Go 1 month without emotional eating
9: Try 50 new recipes (50/50)

10: Run 5k

11: Run 5k in less than 30 min.

12: Run 10k

13: Take a yoga class

14: Take a taekwondo class

15: Take a kickboxing class

16: Take a pole dancing class

17: Get a new haircut

18: Get my teeth whitened

19: Throw a theme party

20: Have children

21: Write a novel

22: Get a speedboat license

23: Learn to waterski

24: Learn some more French

25: Go scuba diving

26: Go paragliding

27: Go skydiving

28: Swim naked in moonlight

29: Paint on canvas

30: Volunteer 100 hours (33/100)

31: Finish my masters (exams: I, II, III, IV and hand in thesis)

32: Go hunting

33: Be recognized as an expert in my field

34: Get a dog

35: Learn Hangul and some Korean

36: Have professional pictures taken

37: Have a girls-only holiday

38: Read 50 books (50/50)

39: Travel to Korea

40: Travel to Argentina

41: Travel to Canada

42: Travel to India

43: Travel to West Virginia

44: Post pictures of myself online

45: BMI < 30

46: BMI < 25

47: Get married

48: No internet for a week

49: Go on a road trip with hubby

50: Exercise every day for a week

51: Exercise every day for a month

52: Go ice skating

53: Go to MOMA

54: Go to Modern TATE

55: Go to Louisiana museum of modern art

56: Start savings to make this list come true

57: Make my own facecream and lotion

58: Participate in a flashmob event

59: Not cancel anything for a month

60: Go to 30 Concerts (30/30)

61: Compliment a stranger

62: Pay of student loan

63: Learn to apply makeup from a professional

64: Wear no black clothes for a month

65: Make wedding invitations by hand

67: Make a notebook with inspirational words/quotes/lyrics

68: Make a list of 100 things I like about myself

69: Use my blog as a diary for 1 week

70: Be able to do the splits

71: Bike 80k

72: Clean out my closet

73: Cook a fancy gourmet dinner with Hubby

74: Buy knee-high boots

75: Wear something sexy every day for a week

76: Send a letter to someone I admire

77: Make a list of things that makes me happy – and make a visual board of it

78: Edit a video and put it on youtube

79: Get a wax

80: Go to 2 different music festivals (1/2)

81: Make a bulletin board and hang it in the kitchen

82: Give a homemade gift

83: Complete a triathlon

84: Renovate the kitchen

85: Make (and wear) a statement t-shirt

86: Travel alone

87: Make a new friend

88: Quit smoking for good

89: Eat vegetarian for 1 month

90: Buy a piece of art

91: Get a pedicure

92: Get my sentinel picture framed

93: Scrapbook 5 pages about myself

94: Plan a surprise for hubby or a friend

95: Go to a Korean restaurant

96: Upgrade my wardrobe

97: Host a dinner party for D, M, T, B

98: Spend a day with just my brothers

99: Cut budget in ½ for 2 different months

100: Have expats or tourists home for dinner

101: Make a new 101 list

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