Aug 13, 2011

I completed my Triathlon

YAY! In rainy and cold, windy weather I completed my first ever triathlon. It was the sprint distance 400m,18k,4k (1/10th. of the ironman) and I finished in just over 2 hours - which leaves plenty of room for improvement ;-)

Next goal is to do a 5k run.

Jul 27, 2011

Exercise every day for a week

Im not blogging much, but Im using my 101-list quite a bit. One of the things on it, is to exercise every day for a week, and I'll be starting today! I have a triathlon coming up in August, so I'll mostly be training for that.

Wendesday: Run  :-)
Thursday: Swim in pool
Friday: Run
Saturday: Bike-ride
Sunday: Run
Monday: Open water swimming
Tuesday: Run

And now that Im here...I might as well share a bit. Im doing good. Not GREAT, but good - and certainly much better that last year when I started this blog. I've lost 16 lbs and have become much better at focusing on all the good things I can eat and getting some exercise.