Aug 12, 2010


...a little about me. Im getting around to posting a picture, so the gruesome "before" is on its way....
Im thinking I would like to get fit and healthy (and HOT!!) by excercising and eating healty.....big surprise there eh?!!! Dieting dosent really seem to do the trick as I've been trying for some years now, but think Im now mentally more ready and I think having a clear goal visualized (hello Henney!) will motivate me.

My obstacles: Im lazy, I love crap-food, I love all food, I have baaad cravings, have lack of impulse-control, I like to sleep and daydream too many hours and Im spending way too much time on my computer intstead of in the gym.

Lots of other stuff may surface here, like blabberings about my upcoming wedding, fertillitytreatments, TV-series, music, books, modern art, food, travels and dogs.

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  1. Hi there!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! It would be great to have a blog buddy. First you have to tell me who Henney is?! :)

    Mrs. O