Aug 17, 2010

Bump in the road

Partying + Bon Jovi = Air Guitar

While fun, unfortunately this particular air-guitar was a bit wild and resulted in a busted knee. Ouch!
It will be a while before I can run again.

Or even walk without pain.

I will try to see this as just a speed bump, but right now it feels more like Im off the road and in the ditch. As I lie on the couch feeling sorry for myself, its very hard not to give in to the cravings.

But that is NOT what I want!!!
The good thing is: this shall pass. My knee will be perfectly fine with a little time and  untill it is, there is other forms of excercise I can do. Like strengthening work and riding my bike.
To try to keep my focus on positive things I've started a list of "100 things I want to do". I've seen lists like this on other blogs and always read them with great interrest.  Reading other health blogs is a great inspiration to me. To see others struggle and overcome their bumps in the road. To follow their dreams becoming reality. It is just amazing.

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